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Helping you bridge the gap simply between home & school in extraordinary times.

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vschool is your very own simple & ready-to-use online virtual school. We build & set up classes so that your team, wherever they're based, can log in, quickly find their feet & re-kindle the fantastic learning connection with their children that they had before lockdown. vschool uses powerful Google tools, exploits transferable teacher skills & puts 20+ years of in-house Blippit online learning platform know-how at your service. Read about how vschool came about on the blog.

vcschool fits

You will succeed

vschool aims to make the most of the transferrable basic skills that teachers have. Yours school will soon have confident teachers & excited children again guiding learning through videos, simple written resources & downloadable materials from their class area. It's not the time for a 'training heavy' solution which is why our simple approach works well particularly in Primary where Google Classroom is too big an initial leap. Using Google tools, we'll save you time and the mental health of at least one person who might otherwise have been tasked to come up with an in-house solution.

teachers only need a gmail account

Less stress

With no username or password account hassles for children, the time wasted & stress caused by lost and reset accounts is gone. People are stressed enough without adding in the added pressure of giving children their own account details to manager and remember. In vschool, only teachers need an account. All teachers need to do is register for an account with Google & we do the rest. You can take the pressure off even more too by taking the optional 12 month support too :)



vschool enables videos to be published by teachers to greet & teach their class.

File Share

Share files

vschool sets up the ideal structure for class files & resources to be shared by teachers to help structure learning across subjects.

Edit everything

vschool provides already setup primary virtual classroom areas for every year group. You can change any aspect at any time without restriction but with Support if you choose to take it.


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Teacher Help

Your school has it's own personal Teacher Help area that gives your vschool the best plain-English resources available. We have 20+ years experience as a CPD, service & education product provider with schools which means we 'get' what it is you're looking for.

Teacher Help

It's an important bridging platform for the period until we are back to a full school

Mr G Ellis

Haslingden Primary School

Staff love it!
They're really impressed at how quickly you've turned this around!

Mrs K Graham, Heacteacher  

St Catherine's CE Primary School


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